In essence, every man would want a healthy lifestyle, it's just that they do not know how. But the key thing is to exercise and keep your diet regularly. Modern society is a man who lived in the post-industrialization era like today, they are people who spent much time in the office.

Dwelling with report books and constantly glaring laptops for a while to stretch their muscles is so slight that the modern humans are now susceptible to disease. Endurance is often weakened due to rarely exercise and irregular eating patterns.

Then how to maintain endurance for these modern humans are always healthy, fit and remain productive. This question also makes everyone curious, how to be healthy if his lifestyle just is not healthy. Actually, the right lifestyle is not difficult but also not easy because everyone has a different body condition.

Here are 10 Tips How to live a healthy lifestyle of modern man is good and right according to various sources of health that exist now include:

1. Make healthy food an important part of your life
It is important that the whole body works well and maintain the health and beauty of individual organs and body parts such as muscle, skin, hair, and nails. Choose healthy foods that provide you with useful nutrients and minimize the consumption of instant foods such as fast food.

2. Do not forget to have breakfast
Begin your day with an earlier breakfast, a nutritious and balanced diet that you eat in the morning will keep you energized until noon during your lunch.

3. Drink plenty of water
Replace all types of soft drinks with water, this is much better for the body, aids digestion burns fat and does not cause constipation like a carbonated drink.

4. Live sports as a fun hobby
Do not think negatively that exercise is something you have to do with compulsion, without realizing it is actually a lifestyle and can be a hobby because the positive benefits of the sport you will feel for yourself, not for others.

5. Start your day with a good mood
Every morning stimulate your mind with things that make your mood positive like listening to music, reading something fun and talking to the people you care about. Beginning of the day is very important, if you have a good mood of eating difficulties or problems will be dealt with calmly.

6. Minimize consumption of caffeine
The ideal scenario is to drastically lower coffee consumption habits. It is basically coffee has some benefits but coffee can also cause migraine headaches and other health if consumed in excess (enough 1 maximum 2 cups of coffee every day).

7. Run the daily program
Record all the jobs and tasks you have, starting with the tasks you have completed, the tasks you should have completed and the tasks you have not yet completed.

8. Make revisions to your plan
At the end of every day make a summary of what you have done and then rearrange what you should do on the next business day according to the level of importance of each task.

9. Keep following the schedule you have set
Especially when you are currently taking time for relaxation and for your other personal needs. The work or obligation you leave behind should not be more important than your own.

10. Stay faithful to your good habits
Do not change your habits by adopting an unhealthy lifestyle just because you are on vacation. In this period you should be more careful.

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